Village scan with RIEGL VMZ-2000


Village scan with RIEGL VMZ-2000

Category: Example Data - MLS

Sample data set of the RIEGL VMZ-2000 Hybrid Mobile Mapping System equipped with a Point Grey Ladybug 5 camera system. A demonstration VMZ VIDEO is provided on youtube explaining the different scan modes of the VMZ system.

The data set was acquired in summer 2014, in Horn’s city center. The VMZ was operated in 2D line mode (looking one pass left and one pass right) and an additional third pass in 3D mode. In 3D mode the scan head is continuously rotating and allows acquisition of both sides of the trajectory in just one pass. Please note that the point density and regularity of point pattern is best in 2D line mode but 3D mode (also known as “radar mode”) allows efficient acquisition of overview scans. It also helps to create overlapping scans for multiple 2D line scans. The demo project also contains a rural road scanned with the VMZ in vertical position looking diagonally to the opposite lane. The two passes from both lanes have captured the whole pavement surface as well as the barriers and traffic signs. However, it should be noted that the overlapping area between the scans in the middle of the street is limited. Therefore, depending on the specific project requirements further passes with different scan modes may be required. For further analysis please also have a look on the example datasets of the RIEGL mobile scanning system VMX.

Data format: LAZ
Note: The data is in zipped format. You can use laszip to unpack the data: http://laszip.org

This file for download is only an extract of a reference project. Please contact us to access the complete data set on the RIEGL FTP server.





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